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Package-ParkTM is a safe and convenient way for small/home businesses and mail order shoppers to receive their packages when no one is home. Similar to a Parcel Safe locking drop box, Package-ParkTM is unique among

courier drop boxes

. With its large volume and low price of $49.95 , it provides the best value among similarly priced package drop boxes. The flexibility of a sack, allows it to receive irregularly shaped parcels.

With the increase in the number of small/home businesses and mail order businesses there is a need for a locking mail box for package delivery that all carriers can use. Package-ParkTM is the flexible, go anywhere locking package delivery "box" for all parcel deliveries.

The affordable locking parcel drop vault that expands to fit large packages. Unlike other large locking mailboxes like parcel safe that have to be bolted to the floor, it simply hangs over the door and is trapped between the door and the door frame. It cannot be removed until the door unlocked and opened.

Package-ParkTM is a new, innovative and thoroughly modern package drop box that has been awarded a United States patent.

Benefits of Package-ParkTM

  • Saves you from going to get a package or waiting at home for one
  • Protects your package from theft and Porch Piracy
  • Easy "hang on door" installation wont damage your door
  • Water resistant durable sack expands to fit large packages
  • Portable
  • Can deploy only when needed
  • Cheaper than renting a mailbox

Who should use Package-ParkTM

  • Small businesses
  • Home businesses
  • Mail order shoppers
  • If you receive packages from bicycle couriers
  • If you receive packages from private messengers
  • People living in apartments, condos or townhouses


The affordable locking package delivery box that expands to fit large packages.

When expecting a package through the mail, waiting at home to meet the courier or taking time off from work to go and get the package wastes time and money.

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