Package-Park receives all our packages
My daughter and I are avid catalog shoppers and we get many packages. We are usually not in during the day. The carrier used to leave the packages near the door. But he tried to hide them so that people passing by would not steal them. He would hide them in the bushes, or under the chairs on the porch, even inside the plastic recycling container. The problem was that we often did not see them for a couple of days. By then they had sometimes been rained, or stepped on etc. Since we got Package-Park our packages have been delivered safely on the door. We are very pleased.

-- P. Wright. Washington DC


Package-Park works for my carrier too
I live in an apartment complex. My carrier told me that before I started using package-park he used to come to my apartment to check if I was in before going back to his truck to get my package. He did not want to lug it back if I was not in. Now he just comes to my door with the packages the first time, because he knows Package-Park will be on my door. It saves us both time and effort.

-- K. Nyamwange. South Beloit, Illinois


The affordable locking package delivery box that expands to fit large packages.

When expecting a package through the mail, waiting at home to meet the courier or taking time off from work to go and get the package wastes time and money.

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